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Stay Hydrated!

Winter is here and as the temperature drops you may start to see unwanted changes in your skin. Skin that was once healthy and glowing can soon become irritated, sensitive or show patches of dry or flaking skin. The exposure to cold, wind and then the drying effects from centrally heating can all play havoc on your complexion and impact on skins barrier function and TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss).

So a few tips to help protect skin during winter.

Tip 1 Stay hydrated! Skin health starts from within so ensure you drink plenty of water. If you can aim for 2l per day then you’ll ensure your skin is receiving the right levels of hydration.

Tip 2 Moisturise. Skin not only needs a barrier from the outside elements but also to help seal in moisture and protect against the drying effects of central heating. Your usual moisturiser may not be enough, so consider applying a hyaluronic acid or peptide-based serum under your regular moisturiser for added hydration.

Tip 3 SPF. Trust me, it may be winter outside, but UV protection is still required. Whilst you’re less likely see the signs of sunburn from UVB, UVA is still a cause for concern. Known for it’s ability to cause cellular damage leading to cancer and premature ageing, UVA remains a constant in winter and can penetrate to the deeper layers of skin even on cloudy and dull days

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