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What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Well, despite the name, Hyaluronic Acid is not actually an acid in a form that you may think of. No, it doesn’t burn your skin, yet offers excellent hydrating qualities. But only when the right type is used. So things are not as clear-cut as they may seem. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is actually a type […]

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Are you cleansing properly?

Does your skin feel overly dry, sensitive, or irritated or are you struggling with congestion and breakouts? Part of the issue could be that you are not cleansing correctly. I see this quite often in the clinic. Clients paying lots of money on cleansing products, yet still having issues with their complexion. Unfortunately with so

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National No Smoking Day

Today is National No Smoking Day and whilst you are probably aware of the health implications linked to smoking, did you know how it has a negative effect on skin health and premature ageing? ▪️Nicotine destroys vitamin C, which is an essential antioxidant for collagen synthesis, increasing lines and wrinkles and loss of volume. ▪️Smoking

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Confused about skincare?

If you use skincare products you’ve probably had moments of confusion asked yourself some or all of the following questions. Is this product good for me? Do these products really work? What order, do I use them? What are active ingredients, do they work? What age do I need to change my products? These are

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Stay Hydrated!

Winter is here and as the temperature drops you may start to see unwanted changes in your skin. Skin that was once healthy and glowing can soon become irritated, sensitive or show patches of dry or flaking skin. The exposure to cold, wind and then the drying effects from centrally heating can all play havoc

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Retinol – does it work?

Retinol is a powerful antioxidant and widely considered to be one of the go to ingredients in our anti-ageing skincare. Applied to the skin, retinol is converted into retinoid acid, which is a form of vitamin A that is utilised by skin cells to increase the rate of cell turnover and support collagen production. When

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Considering a skin peel?

Are you unsure of the benefits of peels or a little put off by the title? Then don’t be, when undertaken properly regular chemical peels can provide a wide range of skin benefits and can really make a difference. Depending on your skin needs and the type of peel being used, they can gently exfoliate

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