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Skinworks Aesthetics is a private clinic specialising in advanced skin care and non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

We hold a ‘results driven’ philosophy, providing specialist treatments to address skin issues whilst using high quality, clinically proven products in order to maximise results.

We hare based in Harley Street, Regents Park and East Sussex.

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We offer an initial consultation free of charge, so please contact us to arrange your appointment.

Our Treatments

Whether you want to simply enhance and maintain good skin health or address a particular skin concern then we can help. We tailor every treatment to your individual needs as we recognise that no two complexions or concerns are the same.


Are you looking to enhance your appearance, address loss of volume or give your skin a boost? Then our range of injectable treatments can help reduce fine lines & wrinkles, increase lip volume, improve facial contours and circles under the eyes or improve skin hydration and radiance.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin

Platelet-rich fibrin, also known as PRF, is a little less known than PRP, yet it offers much greater tissue regeneration and anti-ageing benefits. It’s a natural type of cosmetic injectable that uses your platelets to extract high-density fibrin network that once injected into the skin releases an elixir of growth factors which improves skin radiance and increases collagen production.

Advanced Facials

A workout for your face! Whether you want a younger-looking appearance or a clearer complexion, we have a facial to meet your skin's unique needs. We offer a range clinical facials designed to recharge, refresh, and revitalise your skin and improve muscle tone. You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and have glowing skin!

Skin Peels

A chemical exfoliation that removes dead skin cells, plus much more. Our clinical grade peels improve texture, decrease pigmentation and brighten skin. They can reduce fine lines, breakouts, acne scarring and redness/inflammation. Your practitioners will advise which type of peel is best for your needs as different peels target different skin conditions.


Wrinkle-smoothing, collagen-boosting and pigmentation reducing treatment. Microneedling stimulates the body’s natural healing process to trigger increased collagen production, reduce fine lines and acne scarring as well as improving overall skin health, texture and integrity.

Radio Frequency

Turn back the clock and defy gravity. Our non-surgical, anti ageing skin tightening treatment for the face or body. Radiofrequency targets deeper dermal layers to tighten collagen fibres, reduce wrinkles and tighten facial contours such as heavy eyebrows, double chins and jawlines. On the body it improves cellulite and tightens loose skin such as the stomach, thighs and under arms. Enjoy tighter, more lifted and toned skin. Results visibly seen after just one treatment.

Blemish Removal

Advanced, effective and safe removal of pigmentation and most other skin blemishes. Working at millimetre precision, unwanted blemishes such as skin tags, milia, age/sun spots, moles, cherry angioma, warts, etc. are permanently removed by this minimally invasive treatment. By using the freezing power of Nitrous Oxide most blemishes take only seconds to permanently remove.

Skin care

Good skin is a commitment and the most effective results are achieved by combining the most advanced professional skin care products with in-clinic treatments. We only use products that are scientifically evidenced to work. Make good skin care a habit and you'll see the results.

Weight Loss

Our weight loss programme is doctor led and partnered with the National Weight Loss Programme (NWLP). We can help you adopt a healthier lifestyle, improve your nutrition, understand the benefits of weight loss and exercise, and provide a prescription-only medicine which helps to suppress your appetite. Access to ongoing medical support is provided.

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