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What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Well, despite the name, Hyaluronic Acid is not actually an acid in a form that you may think of. No, it doesn’t burn your skin, yet offers excellent hydrating qualities. But only when the right type is used. So things are not as clear-cut as they may seem.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is actually a type of sugar found naturally in our skin that holds water and helps keep it hydrated and healthy. The HA within our bodies holds a thousand times its weight in water to not only retain all that moisture in our skin but also prevents moisture from evaporating. To use HA apply on damp skin, then quickly cover with a moisturiser or SPF.

Just like collagen and elastin, the amount of naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid in our bodies decreases as we get older. There are, however, ways to help stimulate the production of HA in our bodies. Diet can help, so too can in-clinic treatments which aim to stimulate cellular rejuvenation.

HA can also be applied topically to the skin, however, not all products are the same as the molecule size of most products is actually too large to absorb into skin and reach the deeper dermal layers. Therefore the product just sits on your skin and offers little benefit. So be aware of clever marketing! When looking at products it is important that they are clinically proven to penetrate skin.

At skinworks aesthetics, we only sell products containing HA that actually work, whereby the HA molecule size is clinically altered in size and able to absorb. Visit our website for more information

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