Initial Consultation

Why do I need a consultation?

Everyone’s skin is different. We all have different concerns, skin types, lifestyles and issues that impact up on our skin health. At Skinworks Aesthetics it is important for us to fully understand your skin concerns so we can support your needs. We also feel that good skin is a commitment, not just financially but also in your time, therefore we want you to understand your needs so you can feel confident in the knowledge of which products and treatments work for you.

Consultation and Skin Analysis

To optimise results, we begin your skin journey with a complimentary, in-depth initial consultation, which will last between 45-60 minutes. We will identify your skin type, condition, phototype and analyse your information, discuss your goals and talk through what is realistically possible to achieve. Your medical history and lifestyle will also be covered, as these issues impact on skin health.

What happens next?

Following from your initial consultation we will have a better understanding of your skin and what you would like to achieve. From this we are able to select the most effective products and treatments plans that are right for you

How much does it cost?

Our initial consultation is free of charge. Following the consultation you will be advised which home care products and treatment plans are available to address your needs.

"skin analysis gives a greater understanding of your skins health and needs. is also the first step in developing a tailored treatment plan just for you"